Friday, 21 January 2011

We broke my boss


So Nathalie has been here a couple of weeks getting my project off the
ground. And on Saturday night she went to the party in the summer
camp and made the mistake of staying resolutely sober. So when she
slipped on some melted snow and twisted her ankle she was nowhere
nearly relaxed as someone ought to be on a Saturday night and she
managed to sustain a minor ankle fracture. We got her onto an
American plane back to civilization as she was due to travel by L?
Astrolabe in four days time; but seven days with a lower limb cast on
in the southern ocean would be near impossible to manage.
Technically a medical transfer from McMurdo to CHC (Christchurch),
The American flight crew found out she?s a military doctor (I might
have let it slip out) and they pulled out all the stops for her.
Thanks you guys. I have to say, there are a few long faces here since
you left, Nat.

For me though it should be OK, I?m now familiar with all the equipment
I?ll be using and the structure of the experiments. There are still
bits and bobs to figure out, like how on earth to use the squat
centrifuge sitting on the middle of the worktop, but they should be OK.
I think we?re go. At last!

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