Monday, 14 November 2011

New?Old friends

So our first arrivals got up here yesterday. Seven technical crew,
six Italians and one French. Four of them I knew from last year,
either working with them here, or having met them in Paris before
coming. And they brought lettuce, apples and oranges with them.

Straight away, the new arrivals have brought a cheerful busyness, and
as I thought would happen, all the niggles and frustrations of the
wintercrew have completely evaporated.

The base even seems sunnier! we're busy with new activity, and we?re
expecting a couple more planes tomorrow. The air even seems fresher
as more people go in and out of the station. The summer campaign is
going to get into full swing very fast from here.

Happy times.

Concordia station
75°06'06''S - 123°23'43''E Local time UTC + 8

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