Thursday, 8 December 2011

A year on the ice

It's a year ago today that we arrived in Antarctica – Me, Vivien, Ilann,
Djamel, and some of the Italians that have already left – Paolo,
Domenico, Angelo.

Antarctica was a fantastic adventure then but now, one year on, it's
been my home.

L'Ecossais that was a bit of curiosity at first, a year on one of the
veterans. I'm well known now, the many summer campaigners who I met last
year and have returned this year regard me as an old friend (Some of the
French technical guys have taken to insisting they speak Scottish, not
English!). There are DC8 crew already here, ready for the next
winterover, keen to hear what it's like. And I've been overwhelmed by
the number of the friends and colleagues volunteering to help out with
the new ESA project I've started.

It feels good to know you came, worked hard, and earned your place.

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