Sunday, 5 December 2010

Departures 2

12 hours later I stand at the railway station in Kingussie, waiting for the last train to Glasgow.
Snow drifts down silently and thickly, there is no wind at all.
The tungsten lights give a warm glow to the platform.
It's dark and still and absolutely silent.
I love it when it's like this. So peaceful

So difficult to leave.
But I remember the day I left Kingussie to go to Cambridge.

I had wanted to be a doctor for a very long time and I'd worked hard to earn my place.
But I loved this place so much. When the day came to drive south I struggled to persuade myself to leave. I drove out of the town's limits and drove 2 more miles at 30mph, on the brink of just turning back. Eventually, a simple inspirational song on the radio tipped the balance. I sped up and went to Cambridge.

I remember these things as the train pulls in. My legs feel like lead as the doors open.
I force myself to remember all all the good that has come out of my time in Cambridge, how much I love being a doctor. How glad I am that I did go. I get on the train.

I'm always leaving this place.

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